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“Afterbirth,” is a live storytelling show produced and directed by Dani Klein Modisett where well known actors and writers perform original, funny stories about how becoming a parent changed their lives unexpectedly and permanently.

The idea for “Afterbirth” came to her while she was home alone with her infant and needed inspiration from people further along on the parenting road. The show has been playing to sold out audiences for five years in Los Angeles, gaining much attention from the Hollywood community. Two years ago the show opened in NYC with equal excitement. Both the LA Weekly and Backstage West have chosen “Afterbirth” as their Pick of the Week. The NY Post calls it "...the Vagina Monologues for the stroller set.." and recently, NPR dedicated a second feature segment on Day to Day with Madeleine Brand. And now, "Afterbirth..." the book, published by St. Martin's Press is almost here. Thirty seven of the boldest, funniest and most passionate stories about the aftershock of becoming a parent written by some of the most talented comedy writers right at your fingertips.

Dani hosts the live shows, which include 6-8 original stories performed by the writers themselves.

Performers have included: Patricia Heaton, Caroline Rhea, Andrew McCarthy, Eddie Brill, James Braly, Cindy Chupack, Julie Rottenberg, Caroline Aaron, Beverly D'Angelo, Mo Collins, Dana Gould,Kathryn Grody, Dan Bucatinsky, Peter Horton, Moon Zappa, Carnie Wilson, Brooke Adams, Mike O’Malley, Enrico Colantoni, Brett Paesel, Matt Weiner, Rick Cleveland, Kell Cahoon, Eric Weinberg, Mark Hudis, Mike Sikowitz, Daisy Gardner, and more....

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